Cognos TM1 versus Cognos Planning

Cognos TM1 has some big advantages over Cognos planning. However, basically they serve the same goal.

Cognos TM1 has virtually no limits on cube size.  Cognos TM1 is an OLAP engine that only calculates requested cells and there depend cells. It makes clever use of the sparsity of data for consolidated cells. This means that the performance and sizing issues with Cognos planning should be history with Cognos TM1.

In Cognos planning you should perform a synchronize and Go To Production (GTP) before data is available in Contributor (front-end tool). In Cognos TM1 every change that’s done in data and metadata is directly visible in the front-end tools.

Cognos TM1 has far more possibilities to maintain hierarchies within a dimension. Besides that within a dimension more than one hierarchies are allowed.