Cognos TM1

IBM Cognos® TM1® is enterprise planning software that can radically transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budget rollout all the way to reporting, analysis and reforecasting. With Cognos TM1, you can rapidly analyse data, model business requirements and collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts to uncover hidden business options and optimize performance.

Powerful analysis

Create and analyse sophisticated budgeting models and forecasts, even those based on large data sets.

Flexible modelling

With a guided modelling environment, your business owners and analysts can develop and deploy even your most complex planning models.

Collaboration with many users

Include input from thousands of users across the organization – exchange commentary and documents.


Support high-performance ad hoc slicing and dicing of data across unlimited business-defined dimensions.


Cognos TM1 consists of the below mentioned tools:

Depending on the needs and requirements, other tools of the Cognos platform can be used to extend the solution: